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Hello everybody, this blogpost will be about word families. You should probably know about word families, word formation, Greek and Latin roots and affixes if you want to know how to create different parts of speech. In this post I'll show you 10 words that are taken from the Upsteam SB,from the text History lessons, unit 7.

  Noun                      Verb                  Adjectives            Adverb
Approvedness        Approve              Approved             Approvedly

Subjectiveness            -                      Subjective           Subjectively

Accurateness              -                      Accurate              Accurately

Conqueror             Conquer              Conquerable         Conqueringly

Historicalness            -                      Historical             Historically

Announcement     Announce            Announceable             -

Discovery            Discover               Discoverable        Discoverably

Believer               Believe                 Believable            Believably

Achiever              Achieve                Achievable                  -

Explorer               Explore                 Explorable           Exploringly

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More pieces of advice how to improve your vocabulary
   In this post I'd like to add some informations about vocabulary and more methods how to develop your memory. For example, you shouldn't always search a new word in the dictionary in detail. When you  read something or listerning its not necessary to reach your dictionary every time, maybe you'll understand the general meaning or you can guess the meaning from the text. So, in some situations it's better do not use your dictionary.
   Next is  that you should use monolingual dictionaries as much as possible. It'll broad your mind and you'll get more skills in language than when you'll use a simple bilingual dictionary. It'll give more better meaning of the word and will explain you this word greater.When you do all these pieces of advice you'll achieve your goal and wll have a wide range of vocabulary. 
   The word that I tend to misspronounce is a gigantic - extremely large. Words that I often confuse are conscience and pharaon. Conscience is the part of you that judges how moral your own actions are and makes you feel guilty about bad things that you have done. Example sentence: You didn't do anything wrong - you should have a clear conscience. Pharaon is a king of ancient Egypt. Three words that entered the dictionary in 2016 are defang, defease and a gub. Defang means to make harmless or less powerful, defease means to defeat or annual (a contact, deed, etc.) and a gub means a white man.
   New words that  entered the dictionary in 2016 are to defang, to defease and a gub. Defang means to make harmless or less powerful, defease means to defeat or annual (a contract, deed, etc.) and a gub means a white man.

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 "Techniques and Strategies of Vocabulary Building"

    Nowadays, knowing a lot of new words is very important. When a person knows a list of different words she is not frastrating while speaking with another people. There are many different ways how to learn new words and than speak English fluently. You just should work out the easiest way and explore different ways of teaching new words and build your vocabulary right.
   First, make a note of unknown words, when you find a new word write it in your note.Write it in the following way: a foreign word, transcription, translation in your native language and definition.
   Second, when you read books and see unknown words, look a word up in the dictionary. It is also very helpful when you find synonyms to the new words, than your vocabulary will be more reach. Use new words in sentences, write a few sentences with them.
   So, when you tought a new word you should try to remember it. The best way to remember it is to use them in your every days routine. For example, speak with your friends or people who knows English. Try to revise new words every day, look through your notes from time to time and it will help you if something slips your mind . In this way you will always keep in mind these words and know them like a back of your hand.Just, when you need some words, you will rack your brains and use it. Of course, there are another methods how to learn new words but for me its the most effective and it helps me to achieve my goals.

   The list of the words:
a list
work out the easiest way
explore different ways
build your vocabulary
keep in mind
to know smth like a back of your hand
rack your brains
something slips your mind
to achieve my goals
a gist