суббота, 17 июня 2017 г.

Going Green
     By watching these videos I can say that it's very good that people try to find different solutions in order to protect our nature. In these videos were presented how scientists try to find different ways how to feed all people and do not damage our nature at the same time. They are working hard and think about alternative and renewable energy sources, which will conserve and save energy.
     As for me, I think that people should chance their attitude to the nature immediately because nowadays people don't care about it and bring more and more damages for the environment.They cut down trees, destroy ozone layer, dispose waste, throw away garbage. We should care about our planet, enrich our soil, do the weeding and so on, if not for yourselves than for the future generation.Описание: D:\Без названия (2).jpg
     So, what can we do? Some tips:
1. Take care of our nature. Enrich soil, water plants and flowers.
2. Don't throw away your litter. If you see rubbish somewhere - put it to the garbage.
3.Do not buy plastic or if you buy it, give it for recycling.
4. Use your car less. Better to use bicycle, by doing this you'll save nature and at the same time will be fit or walking for not too long distance is a good way to help for environment. 
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News travels fast
     Breaking news!Recreation in Ostroh Academy hit the headlines and attracted a lot of attention. A lot of journalists, reporters and correspondents were present at the historical event. Recreation itself has been lasted since XVI century but this year it was hold in June, 8.
     Different departments took part in the competition. Boys and girls showed their abilities in different types of sport competition. All of them were highly praised by critics, as they did the best they can. But as a final result Economical department received nomination for the best players. They celebrated the achievements and enjoyed their success. One of the participants said "I'm totally satisfied with our victory. Our team is the best, We have been training since autumn and that's why we have such a marvellous result now!"It was detected that such competitions have a significant impact on students, they always enjoy it and wait for it every year,

Her store. His story.
     Hi everybody) In this blogpost I'd like to tell you about one famous historical figure that is well-known and caused a sensation in America...and of course it's Barack Abama.
     Barack Hussein Obama II is an American politician who presented as the 44th President of the United States from 2009 to 2017. He is the first American President who was African. He's peace activist. He made a remarkable achievement.He was born in Honolulu. He finished Occidental College, Columbia University and Harvard University.When he finished Columbia University in 1983, he started to work in Chicago, as a community orhanizar. He was the first black president in Harvard Law Review. After greduation, he was teaching constitutial law at University of Chicago. He received different awards as the example, Nobel Peace Prize in 2009and Profile in Courage Award in 2017. In 1992 he got married with Michelle Obama, that is very pretty and has a striking appereance and now they have two doughters. It's not all list of his achievements as he made good progress and won the respect of millions. Unfortunately he's not president of America now but anyway his success is guaranteed and I hope that in the future he'll make useful contribution and will have more remarkable acievement.

пятница, 16 июня 2017 г.

Money matters
   The game "Spent" was very interesting for me and instructive.It teaches a lesson how to save money or how to be in short supply. Here it is possible to get know in which cases you may save  money and in other way how  to economize it.
 This game can change your attitude to money and you will be careful about your spending and will know how to live on a shoestring budget. It's very useful for those who don't know how to economize money and to be thifty.
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   You can also see my Fakebook page here https://www.classtools.net/FB/1336-hMu2an , where you' ll see how I spent my money like water.
     Everybody has heard about the forest fires in Baikal, Russia. I think, that it is a big loss for the humanity, because hundreds of forest’s acres burned per 24 hour. It was a natural habitat for many animals. But there are some suspicions, that people are guilty in this environmental catastrophe.
That fact can shock. At times when the nature suffers from the earthquakes, floods, droughts and tsunamis we have to support the work of natural reserves in order to conserve the endangered species and don’t let them die out.
     But it seems to me, people do everything that is harmful for the environment. Deforestation, desertification, using non-renewable sources of energy, using vehicle that produces exhaust fumes, - all this can lead to the global warming.
     In order to provide our children with pretty nice and safe place of living, it is absolutely vital to use alternative energy sources, such as solar power, wind power, etc. We should find a solution how to keep our soils fertile. Our task is to enrich our planet with forests and minimize toxic wastes.

Only together we can achieve the wonderful future for the next generations. Unite our actions with the Earth in thoughts!

понедельник, 22 мая 2017 г.

When you've got a tight budget, meal planning and grocery shopping has its challenges. And,when you have a tight budget and you're dedicated to eating healthy, it's even trickier. Here are some pieces of advices how to live on a tight budget.

1.Buy different products and freeze them.
Nowadays products are very expenssive, especially when it's out of season, so you can buy them when they are rather cheap  in season and freeze, and than when you'll need it just take it from the fridgeFresh produce is always great, but the cost can add up fast. 
2. .Find different sales in supermarkets and markets.
Sometimes you can find really tasty and useful products on sales. So, it would be a great change for you to econimise your maney and buy something chieper.
3. Use meal planning.
Planning is really essential when you live on a shoestring budget.
For example, plan for every week what should you but, what will you cook and go to the market with the list of products that you need. You'll see that in this way you'll economise from you budget.
4. Cook only at home.
Описание: PanWhen you cook at home it's much more cheaper than eating in cafes or another places.It should be a habit for you to cook and eat at home because for the same sum of money that you spent in cafes you can feed 2 or 3 person at home.
5. Do not go shopping when you're hungry.
If you go hungry to the shop, you'll buy much more than you have to, so first of all you should eat something (some fruits or yougurt) at home and than go shopping.

понедельник, 8 мая 2017 г.

Are you creative person and have a 'can do' attitude and still is out of work and searching for a good, permanent job? "XL" company is waiting for you.Only here you can make a brilliant, promising career.
   The 'XL' company is an up-and-coming company in the designing of different brand clothes. We create different types of clothes for each person individually.Although we set up our business recently but we have very good feedbacks. That's why we're searching for a new people who are good at it, have an eye for detail and can work well in a team. 
   You should know that the job is demanding but here you can climb the career ladder. As for working conditions, you'll have flexible hours and good salary. If you work hard and intensive, you'll also receive different perks.
   Are you interested in our offer?Then put together your CV, fill in application forms and we'll assess your skills!
   Do you have still doubts?Here you can also read feedback of our employees about our job: "This job is just ideal for me, the best is that working hours are flexible and I can spend more time with my family", "I'm really satisfied with my job, the salary is rather high and sometimes I receive even perks, an employer is a good person and  I think I embark on career in a right way."